Thats Me

Ravi is an experienced IT professional with over 15 years of broad IT services experience using Microsoft technologies. He has extensive experience in defining, architecting, designing and building mobile & web solutions for complex business scenarios. Lately he has been focusing on the development of enterprise-grade mobile applications and has increasingly used the Xamarin platform as Xamarin offers better scalability and interoperability of devices and platforms. He is also an active member of the Xamarin community of volunteers and has succeeded in Increasing Xamarin awareness among developers by presenting business cases and sharing insights at various events and conferences. He is also co-founder of the NCRXamarinDevelopers meet-up group. The group is dedicated towards increasing awareness and adoption of the Xamarin development platform and will prove to be a valuable go-to resource for professionals at all levels. Ravi also plays a mentor and advisor to startups and organisations who are early adopters of Xamarin and guides them in their day to day pursuits.This blog is his side project in order to document his experiments with  Xamarin.

His Social contact details are as follows:

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