This page will contain the information about all the resources which I am using for my development. It will help anyone who want to follow the articles and want to try on the practically.

I don’t make money from these links; These are just to help the readers. I will keep on updating this page as I use any new tools.

Xamarin Development: 

  1. Xamarin Studio : To build & design a native mobile app using C# which simplifies mobile application creation.
  2. Xamarin Studio Launcher : This to open multiple instances of Xamarin Studio on mac (not needed on windows).

ASP.Net Web Development:

  1. Visual Studio Community Edition : The best free IDE for developing .Net applications on windows.
  2. Resharper : The best code optimisation tool for .Net developers (as per me).

Common Tools:

  1. VMWare Fusion : This is for creating and using windows on Mac as virtual machine to get best of both worlds 🙂

Design Tools:

  1. Sketch: This is used for creating icons, Images etc.
  2. Android Asset Studio : This is a website which is used to create android icons, images and other resources. There are many but I use this one.